BMW assists Visa not only for students but also for dynamic purpose and various types.
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IELTS is basically an English test on speaking, listening, speaking and writing.
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It is an important phase while it comes to abroad study planning of any student.
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About Us

Welcome to BMW Consultancy

BMW Educational Consultancy is an organization for providing didactic as well as career advancement services where the students are connected with the opportunities of learning along with imaginative thinking from various nations across the world. The head office of BMW Educational Consultancy is situated in Kathmandu, Nepal, where it works in the business activities as consultants. It guides the students by helping in making correct overseas education decisions across the globe. The academic imagination of students is decisively supported by BMW, and the institution is committed towards providing best direction for optimal efficiency. Here, in BMW, we prioritize academic achievements as well as essential skills that act as the baseline for any student studying abroad. Our expertise and experience for overseas education has made us time-tested resource in assisting the students to gain an admission for appropriate courses in the distinguished universities across the world.

As a modality to achieve excellence, services of BMW are grouped into three steps:

Connecting People

With over a myriad of nations and their renowned universities in our touch, we believe in the efficient pathway for holding destinations to pursue further study. Connecting people is one of the important phases that are well understood and managed by the team of BMW. We not only connect students with the respective universities and colleges but we also link our team, students, and parents with universities and academic institutions for creating the strong networked bonds. Since the establishment, we have focused on connecting our core assets for the best outcome. Having such strengths, we can assure our stakeholders that this connection can bring trustworthy and robust bonding between parents and us. Thus, in the first phase, we connect our clients with us, as we believe
connecting people brings innovation.

Developing ideas

We take our clients as our key stakeholders and link their dreams with ours. While we believe that development of an idea should bring satisfaction, we do not mean to modify dreams or plans of individual students. Rather we take interest in providing directions to students to incubate ideas, implement them, and establish creativities accordingly. There is no denying fact that imaginations and dreams lead to innovations, so we are always keen
towards understanding the plans of individual students, presenting them with practically in real scenarios, motivating them to progress and finally capitalizing their hard work together with formalities to be qualified for acquiring international student visa. Hence, all of these achievements can only be possible through effective communication. A sound conversation with the experts plays effective role to develop right idea which can lead
any individual towards success. Development is an unending dynamic process. Thus, we are here at all times to develop the common belief and understanding which will certainly lead us to betterment of our clients’ future.

Accomplishing goals

The third phase, we go through, is the achievement of desires by accomplishing goals. After fruitful connection and development of ideas, every little thought has the strong potential to transform into big dreams. In this phase, we make students workout on their own by giving directions. Since achievement represents the ultimate success, no progress is a waste of time, labor, and money. Hence, we believe accomplishments have strong roots with connection between people and development of their ideas. Here, at BMW, we target to share most of our time to assist an individual to get enrolled into the land of their dreams.

These three factors, as a whole, make BMW unique among hundreds of consultancies which are there to recruit individual students. We take great pride in presenting ourselves as one of the most informative and successful consultancy within the region for overseas studies.


  1. To remain market leader through consistent delivery of quality, ethical, and professionally sound
    consultants service to our clients.
  2. To transform lives of students by offering the correct education and career assistance services.
  3. To provide best consultation to the students in choosing the best universities and colleges in Australia.
  4. To prevent students from facing any difficulties through their admission processes in their desired
  5. To connect our valued students with best education providers to improve the level of learning which can
    expose them to the best employment opportunities in the future.


“Creating best Opportunity and Careers through Education”

Our vision is to provide the excellent services to our valued clients which can lead them to the best career
opportunity in the long run. Moreover, we aim to become the best educational consultancy in the country
regarding changing lives through education.





Better Guidance made wiser for greater success stories

we can provide the actual picture for the students who have a dream to pursuit their aim in Australia.

A common voice of 1000’s of our satisfied clients

We built long term relationships with the students and their relatives. We help students beyond our local boundaries.

“A common voice of 1000’s of our satisfied clients”

We believe that the dream that is running on their head must clearly meet with the practical side of the world. Their family status, educational background, Language proficiency as well as patience would lead them towards success.

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