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Student Selection Procedure

Step 1: As a prerequisite, the students are first questioned about educational qualifications and area of specialization, which is followed by questioning their parents to identify the present financial condition to ensure genuineness of the information. Eligibility test for admission Step 2:  The educational qualification and genuineness are then accessed by the senior expertise of […]

Interview Questions

Why Australia? Australian education system is the best in the world with technological drive as well as high standard of living. Employers all over the world recognize, accept and values Australian degrees. Also, Australia brings the best education services, facilities with strict quality standards that meet the need of the most international students. Australia has […]

Why Study in Melbourne Australia?

Why Study in Melbourne Australia? Planning your further education after graduating from high school is one of the most life-altering decisions you can make as a student. Pursuing it in a reputed university from across the world is the very first thing to start with. Speaking of reputed universities, you must first decide on the […]