BMW assists Visa not only for students but also for dynamic purpose and various types.
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IELTS is basically an English test on speaking, listening, speaking and writing.
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It is an important phase while it comes to abroad study planning of any student.
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Counseling is an important aspect for any enthusiastic student. The query in their minds demands some specific answer. Not only that, the experience answer is what satisfies their need of enquiry. Hence, keeping these things in mind BMW offers you an expert consultation. We are not here to recruit ant sort of students. We don’t do a huge visa lodge taking whatsoever students are available. Rather, we do the specific visa lodge after fulfilling all the requirements genuinely.

We believe in professional counseling to every available student in our consultancy. We respect the dream and try to bring those tiny steps required for the dream to turn into reality. We also keep in mind the reality as it is the practical basis for any dream to get fulfilled.

Our Consultation team led by Ms. Samjhana lamichhane would present you with a thorough consultation that would help you to move your steps ahead. We check the validity of each documents presented, academic certificates and originality is maintained or not, IELTS requirement met or not, Visa rejection cases, property requirement fulfilled or not. We believe in work ethics and that is what has made us stand firm since a decade in this competitive and short aimed market.

We have our own specific way of communication as we built connection by connection with all our valued clients. It is one of our specific features that are making us popular among students as well as their families for a long run. We don’t sell talks rather earn questions that will be made answerable. Hence, our power is the proper consultation with valid statements supporting the truth that we put into.

BMW offers you to come and visit us with all your queries and get back all the satisfactory answers for the fulfillment of your Query.

                     “To give answer is not everything but a part of everything”