BMW assists Visa not only for students but also for dynamic purpose and various types.
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IELTS is basically an English test on speaking, listening, speaking and writing.
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It is an important phase while it comes to abroad study planning of any student.
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Eligibility Check

An eligible candidate is someone who easily fulfills the basic requirement. It is not a matter of discriminations among the interested students wanting to apply for their further studies in Australia. It is a medium to give you an exact idea regarding the requirements for the fulfillment in any colleges/Universities you have been looking for. Even, the course you are aiming may be out of your reach or lacking some requirements. Hence, Eligibility check gives an exact idea regarding your value as a student so that your expectations as well as reality wouldn’t have a huge gap.

How Eligibility Check is done?
It’s not that difficult as you might presume it to be. Rather, it’s a simple process of filling the available form and waiting for the response from BMW’s Customer Service Department. You will be getting a call and would be invited to visit our office in Putalisadak, Kathmandu for the further assistance. It’s not that after you filled the form you are liable to failure to meet the requirements to be an eligible candidate. This check would give an idea for us as well as you regarding the available options for your study in Australia.

Further Steps
After the eligibility test as mentioned above you would get a call from our office for the further process of your abroad study that would help you to create an exact pathway for the required steps needed to be taken.

If you meet any available requirements then you would be forwarded to the following process:-

  1. IELTS Preparation .
  2. Documentation.
  3. SOP writing.
  4. Interview Preparation

Hence, all these would accompany you towards the eligibility of being a right candidate to get an Australian Visa for the higher education that you are dreaming of. We will definitely assist you towards the goal that you are aiming for. BMW is always available for your services.