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Family Sponsored Visa
The Australian immigration agency has launched the family visa in an effort to reunite families. Couples, parents, kids, and other family members are allowed to immigrate to this country under specific restrictions. In essence, Australian nationals, residents of this nation on permanent visas, and eligible New Zealand nationals sponsor these visas.
Partner Category Visa
A spouse or fiancé may immigrate to Australia for settlement under this category. Candidates who immigrate to this country on this visa are initially permitted temporary settlements, followed after a few years by permanent residency. The partner category comprises:
Immigrating candidates must have a partner in form of:  
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Parent Visa
Those who have eligible children who are residents of this country as Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible citizens of New Zealand may apply for a parent visa. Children already living in Australia are required to sponsor immigrants under this kind of family visa.

Australian parent visas are available for both working and elderly people. Candidates who choose this visa option for immigration may work in Australia. Few parent visas are initially offered for temporary settlement; but, depending on your application, they may be upgraded to a permanent type. There is a "Contributory Parent Visa" option available, which guarantees quicker processing of immigration at a higher fee.

It should be remembered that the Australian immigration authorities only grant a certain amount of parent visas each year. Because of this, there is a line of applicants, and you might have to wait.
Child Visa
The same subclasses under which Parent Visas are awarded also apply to Child Visas. Generally speaking, a parent who is permanently residing in Australia, an Australian citizen, or a qualifying New Zealand citizen, must sponsor a child visa.

If the child in question is already a resident of Australia, he or she may apply for immigration as a dependent child, orphan, or permanent resident. If the child in question is a candidate from outside the country, a dependent child visa, an adoption visa, or an orphaned relative visa may be obtained.
Other Family Members
It is also possible for siblings, dependent relatives, and caregivers to immigrate to Australia on temporary visas that can subsequently be changed to permanent ones. These family visas in Australia are sponsored by: i) Australian citizens; ii) a permanent resident of this country; and iii) Eligible New Zealand citizens.

At BMW, we evaluate family visa immigration to Australia with the utmost care. Each application is thoroughly examined before being submitted with the appropriate supporting materials. Character certificates and health conformity assessments are crucial documents required for Australia visa applications.
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