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Global Talent Independent Program
The  Global Talent Independent Program  has been designed to attract exceptional global professionals to work in one of the 10 target sectors and should also be able to attract a salary that meets the high income threshold.

The program aims to attract people who are at the pinnacle of their fields in growth industries the world over. These professionals can benefit from Australia’s business-friendly regulations, open opportunities for innovation, and also its reputation as a much-sought-after lifestyle destination.

The goal of the GTI is to grow Australia’s tech and innovation industry, thereby creating more employment avenues for Australians gradually. The government has a long-term vision of skill transfer, boosting innovation and job creation.

In the current fiscal year 2020–21, there are 15,000 posts open under the Global Talent Program Australia.
To qualify for the Global Talent visa Program, applicants must possess exceptional skills in one of the following ten target sectors:
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Global Talent Independent Program
Applicants must:
Income and/or Qualifications Criteria
Must be able to meet at least one of following
Candidates must present an impressive record of professional success. Patents, senior positions, professional honours, association memberships, publishing of research and theses, as well as any other publications and associations, are a few examples.

Additionally, positions are available for PhD students who can demonstrate their exceptional talent and widespread recognition in the aforementioned industries.
Requirements for Nominators
As previously stated, candidates must be nominated by a qualified individual or organization with a solid track record in the same industry.

The nominee should have the support of the nominee's nominator, who can be an Australian citizen, PR, qualified NZ citizen, or an Australian organization. The nomination should also be able to describe how the candidate will benefit the Australian community. How the applicant will be able to obtain work and establish themselves in Australia must be determined.

The nominator does not need to employ the applicant.
How to apply?
Step 1: Submit Expression of Interest
To apply for Global Talent Program, follow the first step and submit an EOI. This can be submitted using the Global Talent contact form. Eligible applicants should gather the required documents to demonstrate the eligibility mentioned above and submit the expression of interest.
Step 2: Apply for the Visa
Successful applicants who can demonstrate their eligibility can then receive a unique identifier which can be used to apply for the Subclass 858 visa.

As a part of Subclass 858 visa application, all applicants need to satisfy Health and Character requirements.

Once the application is assessed, and all the requirements have been satisfied, the department shall finalise the application.

If granted the subclass 858 visa, the applicant can live and work in Australia permanently.
What You Can Do With GTI Visa
When granted, with this Visa, an applicant can:
What You Can Do With GTI Visa
GTI visa Processing Time may vary from case to case. They depend on several individual factors like:
Family Inclusion
Before a final judgment is made on an application, applicants are free to include members of their family unit in their application. If the candidate is under 18, they may also include a parent and members of that parent's immediate family. Of course, the family members who are included to the application must meet the standards for morality and fitness. Family members applying for the visa must meet our standards for morality and fitness.
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