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Why Australia?
Australian education system is the best in the world with technological drive as well as high standard of living. Employers all over the world recognize, accept and values Australian degrees. Also, Australia brings the best education services, facilities with strict quality standards that meet the need of the most international students. Australia has the third highest number of International students in the world and has seven of the top university in the world. The education system in Australia varies a lot than Nepal where theoretical preferences are more than practical skills and trainings. Adding to these specialties, there are laws for International students like ESOS ACT education system for overseas students that protects rights of international students. This act is only practiced in Australia. Similarly, the quality that is maintained under CRICOS ensures that the International students get same standard of education like Australian does from other Universities and educational institutes. Apart from that, Australia is the safest country for education in the planet. It has its unique law against crimes and gun control that ensures no criminal activities inside University or college premises. It has large number of police per individual. Australia is one of the most ethnic, multicultural countries in the world. Hence, I would consider it is the perfect destination for me who would love to sharpen my skills and invest into my interest to get excellent grades in the Bachelor level. I have chosen Australia as I have a strong belief that it would surely safeguard my future position in the competitive area.

Why this course?
As I have mentioned earlier too, I have always been chasing the field of my interest. I have always been studying the new way to develop small business and make most out of it. Similarly, large business entities as well as huge market approach would boost my basic idea of expanding local business beyond borders. Moreover, to achieve success in this field I should be well trained as well as import some really unique skills that would certainly boost my profile. Hence, I started doing research to strengthen my skills that would drive me towards the field of my interest. Therefore, the offered course of Certificate IV in Business, Diploma in Business, Advance Diploma of Leadership and Management gives me the exact exposure that I have been looking for. The unique level of trainings as well as skills and techniques would certainly refine my vocational skills that would help me to achieve some major feet in the upcoming years
Why this college?
I went through many colleges and institutes like Kent Institute, UBSS Sydney and so on but all of them offered relatively something that I wasn’t looking for. Moreover, the fee structure wasn’t within my limit. Hence, I searched for something different that would fulfill my ingredients to study eventually acquiring additional skills. I may not be out of place, to state that I have an excellent academic record right from my school level to undergraduate level. It has been my cherished desire to pursue my future study in Australia. After all my research and counseling that I got from my agent about Wentworth Institute. Wentworth offer very good course in Business and Management. Hence, I chose Business in Professional Accounting in Wentworth. Lecturers are not only academically well qualified but also demonstrate relevant industry experience and are therefore able to produce graduates who are well prepared to enter their chosen careers. Moreover, Professional accounting specifically produce the professional graduates with all necessary exposure as Wentworth has good Industrial tie ups. This will certainly help me meet all the requirements to have sound as well as skilled degree in Management related field. As I mentioned above I had researched in various Tribhuwan University affiliated colleges as well as Kathmandu University affiliated colleges in Nepal to study here in relatively less money but couldn’t satisfy with their examination as well as result schedule. The degree gained here wouldn’t be internationally recognized. Finally, International degree and exposure have high value in my own country too.

Future plan
Apart from that I have my own family here in Nepal. My parents have a dream to see me pursuit my life goals and objectives. So, I would love to return to my home land and give them all returns of their investments that they have made in terms of time, energy and money to make my dreams fulfilled.
Similarly, my country is also marching forward towards business and making some huge marks thanks to the like of Mr. Binod Chaudhary who recently got himself as the 1st billionaire from Nepal in the Forbes list of richest persons of the world. Likewise, many financial institutions and banks are making their huge marks in the growing field of Business.
I am aware of the kind of patience, dedication and perseverance needed for such course and I believe my background shall place me in a unique position in exploring the emerging technologies and methodologies of the Business related field. I am confident that with my knowledge and experience I could achieve what I have been looking for out there in the near future.

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