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Partner Visa
As the name implies, this is a visa for married partners of Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents, and qualified New Zealand citizens to enter and remain permanently in Australia. Married partners include same-sex partners as well as opposite-sex spouses. It is our responsibility at BMW to take care of obtaining this visa for you through a careful evaluation, counselling, and visa application procedure.

Although there are three main subclasses of partner visas, these visas can be essentially categorized into two groups: partner visas and visas for prospective marriages. The kind of relationship you are in will determine the sort of visa you should apply for.
Following are the types of relationship and the visas that correspond to them:
Subclass Partner Visa
There are two different kinds of subclasses: temporary and permanent. Partners who meet the legal requirements for the grant of the visa are initially given a temporary visa. If there is a long-term partnership or offspring of the relationship, a permanent visa may be issued after an eligibility period or shortly after the temporary visa is granted.

Additionally, fiancés (intended spouses) of Australian citizens, permanent residents, and qualifying New Zealand citizens are permitted temporary immigration into Australia under the Partner Category Migration.

You are not, however, automatically qualified for permanent residence in Australia if you are the partner or fiancé of an eligible Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen. If you want to live in Australia permanently, you must first apply for a permanent visa and meet the requirements set forth by the law before that visa may be granted.
Let us have a cursory look at the partner subclass visas based on your location at the time of application:
Know all about Partner Visa
Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300)
This is for those who want to enter Australia before marriage. In order to apply for this visa, your fiance must be an Australian citizen,Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. Once married, holders of this visa can then apply for a Partner visa to remain permanently in Australia.
General Terms and Conditions
Following are some general requirements to be eligible for applying this visa:
Expansion of partner visa eligibility in Australia
Partner visa is also applicable to those whose visa has been refused or cancelled since their last visit to Australia. This refusal or cancellation falls under the section 48 of the Migration Act 1958 (Act). And hence, when you are in Australia, you cannot apply for any visa except for certain prescribed visa classes, such as a Protection visa or a Bridging visa.
However, from 14 September 2009 you may be eligible to apply for a Partner visa in Australia if you meet certain criteria. Those four requirements are:
These are some of the basic requirements to just lodge an application. Along with these, there are many others and your application under this provision will be assessed against the legislative requirements in the same way as all Partner visa applicants who apply in Australia.
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