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Protection Visa (Subclass 866)
The Protection 866 visa is for those refugees seeking asylum because of the fear of persecution in their home country due to:
Benefits Of Protection Visa
Being a protection visa holder you can,
Eligibility Criteria
You can only be able to get eligible for protection visa if:
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Health Requirements
You must provide evidence of medical examinations to ensure the protection of your health along with the Australian community.
Family Members In The Visa Application
You can include following members in your visa application:
Note: It is necessary to obtain consent from a parent, guardian, or other friend or relative before taking a photo or fingerprint for the Immigration Department if the children included on the visa application are younger than 18 years old. Children who are under 15 years old, incompetent, or physically handicapped do not require fingerprinting.

It takes more than the average job to prove your refugee status to the immigration agency. To guarantee a favorable result, the case must have top-notch legal representation.

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