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It is an important phase while it comes to abroad study planning of any student.
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Statement of purpose (SOP)

Well Just stepped into the dream of Flying to Australia and thinking out loud about how to escape the rejection of visa. Consider the following points in your GTE statement or SOP and you can escape the nightmare result of being rejected by the Visa Officer (VO).

  • Reason for choosing to undertake the courses of specified in application

As a prerequisite, ensure you have chosen a program relevant to your previous qualification/work experience. If it doesn’t naturally relevant’ than ensure you have a valid justification on choosing the program. You can explain how it does for or how you would benefit in your career from doing the particular program. Understanding the content of your program is also the most essential part such as number of subject, course duration or in another way to put it is you are very much aware of your course as well as syllabus in details

  • Reasons for choosing to study in Australia rather than your home country

Answer for yourself why you chose Australia rather than in your home country or any other. There is no any formative answer but there is some essential part which you cannot avoid such as your dream country, most livable country in the world, low crime rate, gun control system, tuition fees protection system, ESOS act, CRICOS, Worldwide valid degree. Most important thing is that do not forget to compare with wither English speaking country by mentioning positive factor of Australia.

Note: - Don’t mention negativity regarding your home country

Which city in Australia and its reason for choosing?

Once you know you are going to Australia for your study narrow down on why have you chosen abc (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra etc) city in Australia. Yet, again only facts and figures (F&F) can come to your rescue, rather than vague response like best city, beautiful climate……. Basically, whatever you say it must be backed by appropriate F&F. So, when it comes to the city, research temperature, population, job, popular industries, cost of living, popular tourist destination and attraction like opera house in Sydney, University location of city etc.

  • Reason for choosing education provider

Unless you have done deep research, you cannot provide justifiable answer. You must compare your course provider (University and college) with other similar course provider, simply go to or Google to compare or find the best university or college. You will not be able to convince visa officer by saying best university, quality faculty, updated course, library facility, my agent refers, my friend refers those things are very basic every college or uni own it which has not that much-awaited value. So, you should start to find and explore whether the University is known for-scholarship, placement, campus location and size, Alumni (ex-students) success stories, uniqueness of their program, student-teacher ratio, ranking, tuition fees etc you must compare with few available option (university and college) for you, it will be depending on your level of English, work experience and academic history.

  • The relevance of the course(s) of study/ employment and to future career and/or educational plans.

Being aware of what career you can make from the completing the program is vital, not just for receiving a letter of offer from University but also for obtaining students visa successfully. Feel free to ask Google Dai!! Let’s say you are applying for MPA and you want to be a tax accountant. You can then search for duties and responsibility of Tax accountant. Know the graduate salary range for such positions in Australia and your home country is certainly advantageous. Do not say that I will get 20,000 to 25,000 NPR after completion of your degree from Australia which is too less compare to your investment at least you can expect 80,000 to 1,20,000 NPR in initial stage and gradually increase to 30,0,000 to 5,00,000 when you collect some experience. And do not judge you are only investing initial 15 to 20 Lakhs NPR you are not only investing 1, 00,000 $ you are also investing your valuable time which has infinitive value. So, you must expect return of all investment. Do not say that you will be back and find a job in Nepal if you are applying for vet (Diplomas) course, most of us know that diploma and advanced diploma degree has not that much value in Nepal and you will not get job even you complete the diploma and advance diploma from Australia rather make further study plan in Australia and put your research where you are going to study for your higher education after completion of your vet program.

  • Planned for living arrangements in Australia with financial involvement

The University or the immigration Department may not believe you are a genuine temporary Entrant if you do not know the financials involved. So, know your program fee, cost of living, loan repayment plans, your finical income, some of the student does not know how much their family has been earning etc. So go through a very good research regarding your financial position.

The said statement is based on my experience to those people who are looking to study in Australia, which is not only your answer but also that statement which can support when you are writing GTE statement.


                                             All the best folks!!

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