BMW Consultancy

Step 1:

As a prerequisite, the students are first questioned about educational qualifications and area of specialization, which is followed by questioning their parents to identify the present financial condition to ensure genuineness of the information.

Eligibility test for admission

Step 2: 

The educational qualification and genuineness are then accessed by the senior expertise of BMW by appraising the academic and financial capability of applicant and sponsors respectively. We will then communicate with educational and financial institutions if required prior to sending the original documents to the desired universities/colleges.

Offer letter and confirmation of enrolment COE

Step 3:

After verification of the above-listed documents, the student is qualified to accept the offer letter formally after signing offer acceptance form, paying tuition fees and paying overseas health cover of student (OSHC). Thus, a full offer letter is received alongside confirmed by the institution. In addition, the student has to pay the full tuition fees within allocated time by the University to get the COE (Confirmation of Enrolment).

Student Visa Lodgment in Australian High Commission

Step 4:

Before lodgment of VISA, all the documents along with COE are reassessed by the Senior Expertise of BMW Educational Consultancy. The error-free documents are then submitted to the High Commission along with the VISA application.

Decision of your visa application

Step 5:

With proper assessment of documents till the end of process, students can expect the decision to be on their side.

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